Andrew Johnson
September 2, 2021

Our 5 Golden Rules

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5 Golden Rules

When St. Finbarr's Hurling Club was founded in 1953, Tom Phelan created the following Five Golden Rules.

1) To serve your club and serve it well is an achievement as well as an honour.

2) Your club and your team mates claim your allegiance, betray nor their trust.

3) The game you play is as ancient and as honourable and as noble as the name of Ireland. Play in a manner worthy to the proud heritage which is ours.

4) Peoples of all nations shall watch you and they shall judge you according to your behaviour therefore on the field act the man. Off the field act the gentleman.

5) Be regular, be punctual, be fit and be faithful

A lot has changed since then but these founding principles continue to underpin everything we do at the Club both on the pitch and off it.